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Tascam US-1x2-CU USB Audio Interface


Tascam US-1x2-CU USB Audio Interface


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Ultra-HDDA mic preamps provide pristine audio quality for both dynamic and condenser mics

Our original Ultra-HDDA mic preamps allow you to input high-quality audio from any audio source just by turning a knob. These are the same concept of mic preamps that are in our HS-P82 professional recorders, which are popular in the broadcast and film industry. These versatile preamps can handle both condenser and dynamic mics with enough gain range, and will allow you to enjoy high-quality recording even if you are not an expert. These versatile preamps also feature line-level inputs for keyboards and other equipment.

  • Built-in Ultra-HDDA mic preamps have discrete construction that achieve −127dBu EIN
  • XLR input allows the input of condenser mics with the balanced connection
  • Wider dynamic range supports dynamic microphone use
  • Guitars can be directly connected enabling the use of 3rd-party plug-in effects
  • RCA stereo input complies with external audio devices such as cassette recorder

A simple-designed model configured with an user-friendly software, no more complicated setup

When starting to use an audio interface for the first time, we know that customers often get stuck during the installation and configuration. In addition, you had to check the latest version for the driver each time the OS updates. With these kinds of concerns, we completely change our concept of the design on the new US-1x2, both on hardware and software. Not only high sound quality and easy-to-use features on the unit but also versatile function on the software are available to new users.

Support for iPads and other iOS devices, with compatibility with many applications to meet future needs

You will not need another audio interface if you decide you want to make music using an iPad or other iOS device. The performance of these interfaces has been tested with not only the bundled digital audio workstations (DAW), but also with other popular recording software.

  • Connect with an iPad or another iOS device via Apple’s camera adapter
  • Tested with SONAR, ProTools, Cubase, Live, Studio One, and Garage Band
  • Mode preset enables not only recording but also online broadcast and other various applications(Windows Only)
  • Save your settings based on your preference with the Custom mode
  • A multi-WDM driver supports the online voice call like Skype (Windows Only)

Other than music production, it can be used for online broadcast etc. (Windows only)

The Windows version of the Settings Panel software comes with a variety of functions. You are able to use those not only from recording but also for online broadcast and Internet voice calls. You can select any presets you want only by switching the mode. CUSTOM mode is also available which enables you to save your settings.

  • The switch allows you to change settings based on preferences
  • CUSTOM mode complies with every complicated apps
  • A multi-WDM driver supports the online voice call like Skype

Features at a glance

  • Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic preamps with −125dBu EIN
  • Up to 96kHz/24-bit recording
  • Support for Windows and Macintosh
  • USB 2.0 computer connection
  • Connect with iPads and other iOS devices
  • +48V phantom power for all inputs
  • High-impedance input available
  • Input level specifications boast a range of 57 dB for using dynamic mics
  • Direct monitoring function for zero-latency monitoring
  • Tough all-metal casing for durability
  • Angled design provides excellent usability on a desktop
  • Balanced analog RCA stereo line output jacks suitable for connection to powered monitors
  • Standard TRS headphones output jack
  • Separate controls for line and headphones output volumes
  • Input sound monitoring can be set to stereo or mono
  • Input muting function eliminates noise from unused inputs
  • Information window function with the latest information
  • Automatic update and automatic installation function to update the software and firmware automatically
  • USB class compliant 2.0 support
  • DAW License card included
  • Confirmed operation with major DAW software(SONAR, ProTools, Cubase, Live, Studio One, Garage Band)
  • USB bus-powered for mobile recording
  • RoHS supported

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