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Holophone H4 Supermini


Holophone H4 Supermini


  • Comes with Protective Case
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  • Audio Cables

Professional 5.1 Channel H4 SuperMINI

The breakthrough Holophone H4 SuperMINI Surround Sound microphone system delivers expansive 5.1 channel audio field capture in a super compact package. Mountable on any professional quality video camera or connected to a stereo recorder, the H4 SuperMINI is an elegant and simple solution for recording live surround audio from the concert hall and sports stadium to fast-paced ENG applications. The H4 SuperMINI is ideally suited for all live event television broadcasters, live music producers and engineers and film and video location crews who are interested in real-time surround audio for video, for delivery to an ever increasing home theater audience.
  • World's only portable discrete 5.1 channel camera-mountable surround microphone. Adds Instant, professional-quality 3-Dimensional 5.1 channel surround sound to any video camera with stereo inputs.
  • Compatible with existing broadcast infrastructure for capture and transmission.
  • Works with any stereo recording device, such as the Zoom H4 and Sony PCM-D1
  • On-board multi-channel Pre-Amplifier
  • Virtual Surround Headphone Monitor 
  • Internal Dolby® Pro-Logic II encoder
  • Takes the guesswork out of capturing Surround Sound for video and film productions, records direct to media in camera to eliminate synchronization issues.
  • Enables surround sound capture from multiple points and perspectives within a venue.
  • Eliminates the need for costly and complex surround mixing and editing.
  • Portable, Lightweight and Super easy to use.
  • Based on patented Holophone Surround Audio capture technology, popularized by the highly successful H2-PRO Surround Microphone.
  • System is expandable for future applications.
The Standard for Surround Sound Recording
Holophone Surround Sound Microphones are designed to make Surround Sound capture and recording simple and accessible to new and emerging markets in areas where it's been traditionally too expensive or too complicated for production. With the HDTV and 5.1 channel home theater revolution in full swing, content creators are faced with the challenges of providing realistic surround sound to a growing number of viewers in many diverse markets. Holophone Products are specifically designed to take cost and complexity out of the equation for capturing surround sound, and to simply and instantly provide a sonic three-dimensional feeling of "being there" as the end result to the viewer.
Using patented Holophone technology, the H4 SuperMINI head contains 6 microphone elements, which directly translate to the standard, surround sound speaker configuration; L, R, C, LFE, LS, RS (which includes LFE element), which collects low frequency signals for the sub-woofer. The six discrete channels are fed into a Dolby® Pro-Logic II encoder which outputs the audio as a stereo signal from a stereo mini-plug to dual XLRs, dual RCAs or dual mini-plugs. These left and right stereo signals are then connected to the stereo audio inputs on a professional video camera or any stereo recorder. The encoded signal is recorded onto the media in the camera or recorder. At this Point the captured audio can be played back in full 5.1 channel surround over any Dolby Pro Logic II equipped home theatre system. If editing of A/V material is desired, the audio can be decoded via a Dolby Pro Logic II Decoder and then brought into an NLE like Final Cut or iMovie, etc. Although there are currently no software based decoders that will decode Dolby Pro Logic II captured audio, Holophone will soon be releasing products that will greatly improve the decode work flow when expanding the stereo audio material back to discrete 5.1. The stereo recording can also be simply broadcast directly through the standard infrastructure. Once it is received by a home theatre system, containing a Dolby® Pro-Logic II or any compatible decoder, the six channels are a completely unfolded to their original state. Where no home theatre receiver is detected, the signal will simply be heard in stereo.
The SuperMINI has additional capabilities that include an input for an external, center-channel placed shotgun or lavalier microphone to enhance sonic opportunity options and features an audio zoom button that increases the forward bias of the pick-up pattern. It also includes Virtual Surround Monitoring via headphones for real-time on-camera 3-D audio monitoring of the surround field.
The Holophone H4 SuperMINI Surround Sound microphone system finally puts the power of high-quality surround sound production into the hands of the videographer on any level. The H4 SuperMINI is precisely the right tool at the right time for any video, film or broadcast production.

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