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Cleaning Kit


Cleaning Kit


Cleaning Kit

The MUST-HAVE kit for maintaining your analog recorder.

International shipping not available

Due to the Chemicals, we are UNABLE TO SHIP THIS PRODUCT outside of Canada.

    • 1 Head cleaner 125ml btl
    • 1 Rubber cleaner and rejuvenator 125ml btl
    • 1 pack of Wood handle cotton tipped swabs (100 pcs)
    • NEW
    SHIPPING SIZE & WEIGHT* (estimate)
    • 7 x 5 x 5 in
    • 1 KG


    image of wand demagnetizer with 2 cleaning bottles and swabs

     Looking for even more cleaning power? De-magnetize your tapeheads with a Deluxe cleaning kit with Wand De-Magnetizer

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